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PCA Orientation - Wednesday 23 November 2016

On the morning of Wednesday, 23 November 2016 – Angels Nursing Agency Victoria hosted our last PCA orientation for the year. The session is specially catered to assist our staff members to become specialised Aged Care staff members and to have increased confidence in their positive contribution to the lives of the Elderly Community.


Working as an agency staff requires a special staff member with flexibility and excellent communication skills to allow them to adapt to differing facilities and working environments and we are proud to say that we are confident that our staff members will do well in such settings. The session allowed professional Personal Care Assistants from differing backgrounds and with various different experiences to come together and share with each other their care lessons and experiences. Together, they were also able to learn from the many years of working experiences that our Nurse Consultant has.


We have found these sessions to be extremely helpful and eye-opening to be able to share such personal experiences and to be able to grow together with our staff members.

As working within a nursing agency requires our staff members to understand a variety of different policies and procedures across various facilities, Angels Nursing Agency Victoria has created this orientation session to better assist our staff members in adapting to this adjustment. This has reflected in the overall positive feedback received from our client facilities.


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