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PASA Aged Care Procurement Conference – 24 and 25 May 2016

On 24th & 25th May 2016, Angels Nursing Agency Victoria attended the Aged Care Procurement Conference 2016, organized by PASA (Procurement and Supply Australia).

Thanks to this opportunity, ANAV’s management met new partners within the health care sector and gained advanced knowledge and views on this industry.


According to the ABS, the number of Australians within the aged care sector will double in the next two decades, while the number of those with dementia will double in the next decade.  This data indicates huge growth, challenges of opportunities for the Health Care Sector. Industry departments and organisations will face challenges in ensuring good quality of care service.


As a specialised organisation within the Health Care Sector namely for Aged Care, Hospitals, Palliative Care, Home and Community Care, Respite Care etc. ANAV always explores and assists to find the best solutions for these challenges. ANAV provides the most advanced and suitable services and continue to expand our knowledges on the new trends within the industry.


During this two days’ conference, ANAV’s management met several leading professionals within the health care sector. We captured valuable information from industry partners via surveys, interviews and presentations.



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