Angels Nursing Agency Victoria


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 Angels nursing Agency Victoria is a precious opportunity and an excellent agency for me to work for. It has long relationship with numerous aged care facilities as well as hospitals. Because of this, I gained a lot of experiences from working in these various aged care facilities and hospitals and the pay is also attractive.
Meanwhile, the manager and staff of ANAV are also very nice and supportive, I am enjoying working for ANAV, and I definitely recommend this wonderful agency to my friends!

By Kathy

 I have worked with Angels Nursing Agency Victoria as Registered Nurse for last 8 years. They are the specialist agency in aged care sector. I have been offered many positions with the aged care facility I go to. I always feel gratefully. This agency is like family and friendly, their allocation staff know when, where and how I Iike to work. I have enjoy to work as in charge nurse for hole facility as never make angels nursing go done their reputation. We have very good relationship and easy to communicate each other!

By Fiona
 I start my aged care nursing job with Angels Nursing Agency Victoria, without Angels Nursing’s RN Training Program, I couldn't start my nursing job until now. I have an ongoing support by Angels’s nurse consultant after I graduate from university. I won’t be forget how can I become an specialist in aged care field.  I feel very luck to joined this team and getting their all support. It is a fantastic, professional agency!

By Rea


 I am pleased to say within my relationship with Angels’s Nurses, I enjoy professional and friendly with  our manager and allocation staff. They pay rates and benefits are great in Melbourne, this agency provide me the shifts nearby my home and let me choice, this flexibility really suits me as I like travel, after my travel I give my available time and start pick up shifts from Angels!

By Tuyet